The opportunity to speak on a highly established platform requires the same level of sacrifice it takes to maintain the credibility and integrity of the platform.

If one wants to speak on the platform, let him search for the requirements to achieve this place while aware of his current stature, then grow in character, walking with and humble before the Lord towards their attainment. However once he has discovered it, if he turns or decides that it is not worth the elements he sacrifices, then let him change his vocation. Whether in time God steers his heart back is up to the Lord. But if he whole heartedly desires to share the sound message on a sound platform, a platform that is before the throne of God, then let him crucify all that is necessary and whole heartedly plant himself into the process.

My voice is just a continuation, an extension of the Good Word spoken. Any word I speak is projected forth on the launching pad of my heart, and where my heart is so is my treasure. Thus, before I speak, I must be aware of where my heart is, and what the source of the treasure – hot buttons, values, intent – I’m drawing from/ focused on.

A heart founded on the promises of God, the goodness of God, and the hope that God wants to give to the world, will one speak forth. If my heart though is founded on material treasure though i have good intentions, i know that my heart can only serve one master. Thus the temptation to speak excellently in hope that I attract the “right” people is there.

My discerning heart tells me to do the following:

Personal appraisal: counting the contents of my heart inventory; naming the animals in my garden, and seeing the character/ spirit within them.


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