To those whom took their time to read, like, and follow, I say a warm heartfelt thank you.

The last few days I’ve been publishing here on WordPress what I think will add value to those who read. I too want to honor and respect your time.

Personal Reflection

I realized why my résumé is not “a strong one” (I took what the interviewer said yesterday morning to heart. I learned something about myself.)

The words my interviewer said,

“it seems like you’re job hopping…”

In between the lines of these experiences is some kind of professional struggle, in fact some of these experiences were unnecessary but when you need to get something done you do anything to get it done. I’m committed to getting the job done. I seek challenges. I don’t stop until I accomplish, or attain a certain standard consistently. Apart from my corporate life, I was a full-time travelling professional artist. My attitude and my skills were sharpend when I joined a team of dedicated and hard working professionals of the craft. We travelled across Canada speaking a multifaceted message of hope through hip-hop elements.

When I retired from the professional world of impacting youth and young-adults for the corporate life, I noticed that the people around me peaked at a low level and stayed there. After working hard to attain something personally what do you think I would want professionally?

I discovered that Im hungry! I want the thrill of the challenge, but most importantly I desire to grow.

The way I see the world is that we ALL POSSES GREATNESS, we have the capacity to become great, that inner excellence to excel.
We have entrepreneurial capacity, creative capacity, growth guru capacity, whatever we can imagine is unlimited, but our capacity can be limited by those around us. Iron sharpens iron and I want to be sharpened into the sharpest piece of iron out there.

I left a lot of jobs prematurely, for good reason, they lacked what I was seeking, they capped because they were content. Im hungry. Like Art Williams, I too have this fire underneath my butt to get something done, to go out and achieve greatness, to mold myself into the best that there can be. Never settling for less than I know I can work to achieve.

Im thankful for the harsh words from my interviewer, I know myself a bit more.


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