To those whom have taken the time out of their day to read, and like my posts, and to my followers I say a heartfelt thank you.

Your ‘like’ goes a long way inside these turbulent times.

Personal Reflection

Earlier today I had a job interview. The interviewer within his right picked my résumé apart. However, these résumés only reflect the good times. Literal, critcal, and simply good business sense he’d be as wise as a serpent to rip into it, but, perhaps if he had developed the intuitive sense of reading in-between the lines he might have seen the struggle that it took to put those experiences on paper.

I didn’t say anything except thanked him for his time.

I walked out, head held high. Pulled a chair at Tim hortons and asked myself, ever wonder what you’re going to do about a problem so deep that the skys a dot? I wrote this in my note book (I prefer longhand over typing), four pages of contemplation later I arrived at the same answer I discovered two-years ago:

Keep going. Give thanks. Keep climbing the word-ladder towards the top – keep writing


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