It doesn’t matter how long my break is-, two days, thirty minutes, one hour,- it is not long enough for me to call it my own. Though what little time is given to me, I find it ample enough to pursue fruitful pleasures. However, as good as it may be I recline back into the posture that is ill suited. Every smile never feels genuine, every hello is treated with contempt, every question immediately judged, though whatever genuine intention may be I find that Im casting my pearls to swine for minimum wage.
Why have I settled for this wage? Is it because I have no product of my own? Why, can I not create my own way to generate wealth? I CAN! Of course I need to move in that direction or else remain working for someone else in theirs.
There is no certainty in the economy, there is no certainty in the place I work. What then is practical? It is practical not to play it safe. It is practical to make my business the only option I invest in. It is practical to follow my dream and manifest it as reality.
So, when I take breaks, I can call it my own. I can say, its time for a break, be it an hour, thirty minutes, two days. Im in control which will make me feel empowered, richer, and confident.

I tend to end these thoughts at the end of “my break”, but no, not today, because Im awake, and Ive awakened, and Im no longer controlled by the machine of my secular obligation. Aware of my disposition, but not disappointed. Aware of myself and moving forward to what lays a head. Sweet, sweet autonomy, sweet, sweet freedom.
Already have I established my books deadline, so it will be, it will be, IT WILL BE, so help me God, or I will grow mad, and people will diagnose me as A. D. D, or depressed. Fortunately then I know that Im genuine, because these are but the symptoms of that deadly disease called “living a lie and calling it practicality”.


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