We are all guests to one life, why not treat each other as such? It isn’t enough to think that we might see each other again on the other side. The gift of life reaches deeper than the sum of ones experiences. It effects us deeper than all the words that describe the humming in the soul. As poetic as life appears, there is no stanza, rhythm, or rhyme by how we make our living or how we make our dieing. We are all guests in the house of permission, of order, of possibility. We are all guests invited to the house by the mark of the breath of life, and given the responsibility to make ourselves, and by so discover what we were from the start made for.

I go about carrying my book by hand rather than by napsack. In my mind other people wonder why not bring it by napsack? I responded in my minds eye, so to carry what Im about, rather than having free hands to toil with the modern day digital distraction, i carry myself, i bring with me into the present that which was conjured in the past, i bring what I am.

Age does not come with time, age is the outcome of an inner time. And the songs we bring out do not come from inner time but by the progression of understanding the experiences wrought by physical time, pressurized within till they are fused together, than mined as jems. Songs are the kidney stones of the working of ones inner time. The beautiful note the singer reaches is both as beautiful and painful as finally depositing that stone within. For so long they harboured that song within, and for many inner years have grown up while all the while without they appear no older than a child.

The pressure that my short time to think these thoughts before leaving for work, aids me to sift out the dross and milk the youthful snake’s venom. Potent and deadly. But there is hope, the days I write these thoughts compressed within a short time are as limited as the days i will leave them to work on someone elses. I will make my living by no more dieing for someone else, but myself.
I will be intoxicated by the work of my own hands. I will give back. What better way to return an investment then by giving back 100x what was invested in me?


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