Stand against the false introduction of our reality 

Thats is sly fully Promoted by our earthly eyes bearing Witness to a

Strong hold of ungodly habits 

Skillfully Served 

On the Foundation 

Of Confusion 

Our First breath breathes in 

The bitter 


Of Toxins 

Saturated by the conscious habits 

Of the 


Smoking for mind love Ecstasy 

Excessive drinking to find ones true thoughts beyond the haze of reality

Drugs,  the false god of pain-relief

And pornography, 

To replace the face of many partners as we attempt to Bury loneliness

But commit adultery. 

These are razor blades to the soul

Held in the hands of Sin that carves into our members a memory of pain

Again and again

But burys them under healing wounds

Garb your mind with the truth

Love believes the best:

Not to fulfill the lust of wants but the hope in truth

Clothe yourself and your enemies with righteous Thoughts. 

Thoughts that spur the spark of action

Regardless of your bitter emotion.

Christ bore the wrath of God

We so rightly deserve every inch of that cross

But he too

Ate wholly our portion.

Garb your mind with the truth

God holds your life like he holds your breath,

His loving kindness

Cups the whole world and its memories of pain

In his nail pierced hands.

Jesus sowed righteous

to elevate us back to the father

For we were garments of filthy rages

He sowed mercy and forgiveness

For those who have failed to stand for godliness

For those who have failed to stand for justice

For those who have failed to walk the straight and narrow path:

Christ said,

I am the way the truth the life…

For He has not failed to stand before the Father with our sin

In exchange for our soul.

Sometimes we feel like this:

A whirlpool is stirring up all the emptiness inside

As find ourselves caught in its gravity blind, struggling to Escape.

Then a boney finger dips into our soul and

Sucks it dry

With a

Vain glory smile

And it

Feels so good…

Grab hold, grab hold, grab hold of thee…

And in its hands our arteries clenched

Lifting us off our feet.

When it is done, we retreat into the depths of our soul

But no light can be found

So to the shadows we crawl.

Our heartaches

Our Soul morns

Our Voice shakes…

When will I change, when will I learn.

But before our words could penetrate the world

Our beings meet significance…

Shattering our boastful pain…

Where is despair when his

Promises of life and abundance is here

Like a dragon fly gliding in the sky

Whisping through the air

Guided by some whimsical current

Love, it is love.

Corruption riddled in your lungs

innate sinners,

Some choose to exhale corrosive breath,

But why?

Wouldn’t you rather want to spit beauty.

Free will, will ring,

Some use it to pervert and sting,

Yet his mercy will sing: Forgiveness forgiveness,

A sound wave infinite and limitless

His integrity is deathless,

His purpose

To redeem, restore and replenish.
Brothers and Sisters

The life of a Christian soldier is not limitless reclining on flowery beds of ease,

You having obtained the strength must ceaselessly exercise it in the practice of your wills.

For the unstoppable force of seconds

Dehydrated by the easily accessible devices of

Instant carnal gratification

Fools us to dis-empower our stewardship over time,

As life drains through our fingers.

We are captivated by the twilight inside the fifty shades of…

The unknown in side the fifty shades of…

The comfort in Chaos…Stuttering

As our armored Boat hits the sand.

We hear slithering sluggishly the sound of sin

Crawling underneath our fifty shades of carnality.

Sinless, we would have not had repeated Cain slaying able on Normandy.

Powerlessly we enlist as we storm the beaches of our broken father’s and mother’s normality. 
Put on the full armor of God 
Draw the sword of the spirit from our heart. 

Let our words be as swift as the Gospel of peace 

Upon our feet,

Let each step be firm like the belt of truth ’round our waist. 
For what can fiery fear do to our faith doused by living water? 

Lord we have tasted you and you are sweet, 

and the 50 shades of fear, extinguished, by your perfect love. 

The shield of faith our front guard, 

Lord you our rear guard. 

With righteousness before me and living love behind me, 

Who can over come me? 


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