The greatest story ever told is not the one you have read, but the one you are walking through right now. And no story ever was worth reading without a conflict. But perhaps you are in conflict…

The desire, the goal, the dream you were pursuing has some how fizzled out, become foggy, and or beaten under the winds of life, lies, temptations, shortcuts, and doubts. Your legs may feel weak, your mind may feel strange, your heart in a dark place, you may be feeling the circumstances of your past weighing you down. But know that in this place God is your editor. He see’s your story, and is the giver of desires. Your leg’s are weak because you need new strength. Your mind may feel strange because you need a new voice. Your heart is in the dark, and you hear it crying out for light. God knows your circumstances.

God hears your tears.

God has a turning point for you, He has a plot twist in the plot twist of your life.

Call out to Him.

Call out to the author of life.

Jesus wants to revive your dreams, revive your strength, revive your voice, revive your heart.

As you come to a turning point in your life, it isn’t the end. It is just another turning point towards a new beginning. And as you come to these points… share your story, people need to hear your story.

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