I Say Yes

I have strayed from God’s Yes for my life.
I have fallen into former, dead, past temptations…
God showed up again. This time in the midst of worship. He said to me, Let me believe in you.
What a profound love! If His thoughts for me are as great as they are and as many as the sand in the sea, how great is this offer.

My imperfections are many. Like a naked night sky, you cannot tell where it begins or ends. I cannot look at one point of the sky and say, this is where it begins and to another point, this is where it ends. My imperfections are as ‘pointless’, yet vast as the naked night sky.

God asks me to give my ability to believe to Him. And let Him believe in me.

God, if You were to open my mind up and look inside, what would you say or do?

As an editor edits, he makes the story his own. He takes the errors and with who he is makes the corrections, keeping true to His discipline.
God disciplines me, He takes me as His own, and with His heart sculpts me into His excellence.

This particular scripture verse came to mind:

James 1: 2 – 8

There are flaws in my theology. He who edits and refines me has no flaw. All I do is acknowledge what He has done and is doing. I become that which I recognize, but I can only recognize what He has let me see.
I see a work He is doing. It obviously is foolishness to the world. As a person who is influential, I am easily influenced, but the wisdom of God, that is foolishness, influences me to pursue this life. I do not perceive the ‘foolishness’ but I understand it from their [the worlds’] perspective.

I am given a new mind, a new life, a new love.

What is attached to will?

I died when I first confessed Jesus as my personal Lord and saviour. I died when I was baptised in His name, immersed in Jesus, born of the Spirit. My will signed and handed over that very day.

“…not my will but His will be done”

Firstly He owns me because He died for me, let alone created me. We who have said Yes to God, have become beneficiaries of the Kingdom of God. Everything He has is mine.
Of course what I do with what He has given to me is done with and according to His will, not mine.

He must increase and I must decrease.

This is not a statement but a choice I choose daily. Much like when I have died in Christ, i will also be raised with Him in glory. He asks me, “Do you want to receive what I believe?”
Until He has given me this opportunity to say Yes, I will not be able to move, or to change, or evolve.
This question has a sacrifice attached – I must decrease and He must increase.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things shall be added to you.
It is not seeking a physical kingdom of acts or works, but a Kingdom that is hidden within the heart of God. It is HIS will. Emphasis on WILL – desire, wishes, hope, longing for…
Is my heart in the will of God? Am I bringing to present God’s desire? Am I manifesting The Kingdom of God with my life?

What is God’s will?
What does God’s Kingdom look like?

As I make God’s desire my core, and my life His instrument to use to fulfill, to make manifest His Kingdom, the resources I need will come.

Now I don’t want to deceive myself into works. I ask God to activate my heart for His desires.

I have said Yes to God. I will do my part as the Lord does His.
To guard my Yes, to live my Yes, and to work with God’s Yes.


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