Lately I’ve taken a liking to keeping my attitude high and pointing my mind in the right direction. Cramming a few authors words into my brain, not quite organizing the emotion, and hammering the positive into my brain. I realized that I’ve been taking it all the wrong way. The positivity I read in these books are simply reflections of what is possible inside of me. (Shut up, shut up, shut up) I hear an inner dialogue snuffing out what is inside, I feel trains of thought swallowing their own suicide pill. But no more. I have authority. I own my power. And I am fully capable:  over my thoughts, my words, my actions.

In fact I do know what I want, or at least know WHO I want to be – to  be a disciplined, extraordinary,  high achieving man.
I am a no limits person.
I am truly able. The only disability is my ability of not believing in the possibility of and taking now the present, and tangible opportunity.


These books inspire my train of thought to move in the right direction, but if I do not discipline my thoughts in negative situations towards positivity, creativity, opportunity, I am failing… momentarily.  (Because I recognize that what is possible is ALWAYS possible. Perhaps it may not practically in common sense be immediately achievable, but in time it will.)


I recognize that what I need is inside of me. The drive, its there. What it is not is material. Rather what is inside me is a desire to achieve a mental goal in the external world.
(What is possible has happened inside of me already! Now its bringing it by expressing it by living it.)


Honesty, integrity, purity, insight, maturity, growth, change, love, life, truth… these things have been in my heart and have found its way outside of me in one form or another. But what also has been there is insecurity, dishonesty, and fear. These have lived inside of me by my own hands. Not by others. I chose them, but now I choose to evict them like the legion of demons into the pigs.
Fear, insecurity, and dishonesty are dead. What has taken their place is honesty, integrity, and truth.


As I live in the real world I ought to make my plan of action, know what elements I am working with, what attitude is required me, and how I can make the best for everyone I encounter.


I effect my environment! I am the catalyst in the test tube of my atmosphere! I change the emotional climate as well as shifting the thought towards everlasting truth.


My everything communicates. My voice. My eyes. my movement. And I move, and speak, and think with sincerity because it is the only way life works. Life is sincere in its living. Light is sincere in its shining, oh! how it shines!


I am light!
I am salt!
I am life!
I am truth!
I am love!
I am goodness!

Jesus dances inside me!
Jesus sings inside me!
Jesus heals inside me!
Jesus rejoices inside me!
Jesus loves inside me!
Jesus laughs inside me!
Jesus is
The Way,
The Truth,
The Life!
And he lives inside of me.

Now I shall live it outside of me. For these things are an extension of my invisible yet tangible heart. These things are me and I am them!

Forget the past! Live in the present! Fix the problem now! Change now for tomorrow! Give now for it is the only time to give! Share, laugh, love, encourage for this is a great gift!


16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.


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